Sunday, August 18, 2013

You don't mess with Texas...

Hello from Texas!  Here are my random thoughts and feelings since my last post...

* Somewhere between the Grand Canyon and Colorado we stopped to look at the stars and it was just awe-inspiring.  Nothing makes you feel as tiny (in a good way) as gazing up into a night sky with no city lights around you.  Absolutely gorgeous <3

*  After the Grand Canyon, we stopped at the Four Corners, which is something I have wanted to do since my 6th grade social studies teacher told us about it, and we got to stand in four states at once.  We walked through Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico in about 30 seconds, which was cool.  Other than that, there really isn't much else to do there, lol, but I'm happy I got to check that off my bucket list.  

* After Four Corners, we drove to Santa Fe, which I had no idea was such an arts-y town.  We walked down Canyon Road and took tons of pictures.  And I had a local seasonal beer, which wasn't half bad (I usually stick to drinks I know, so for yay for being bold, lol)

* After Santa Fe, we checked out White Sands National Monument, on the suggestion of one of Bill's friends on Facebook. OMG, it was a whole other world!  In the middle of the desert, just miles of white sand dunes for as far as you can see.  It was so worth the stop!  It's like playing in snow, lol.  So much fun!  I highly recommend if you are ever in New Mexico!

* On our way from White Sands to Carlsbad, we hit basically a 4 hour lightening storm as we drove through the mountains at night.  Bill was ecstatic.  I was scared for my life.  Looking back now, it was kinda cool, but as we were driving through it, not so much, lol.  It didn't help that we saw at least two different things on fire as we were driving, which we assumed were from the lightening.

* The next day we went 170 feet into the Earth and explored Carlsbad Caverns National Park, which was another totally awesome experience.  We were too late for a Ranger group tour, so we explored it ourselves.  So much fun!  It's not the deepest cavern in the world, but they say it is the prettiest and it really was!  Another must do if you are ever in the area!

* After Carlsbad we drove into Texas.  There was no state sign on the road we were on, so we will have to do that on our way out of Texas tomorrow.  We explored San Antonio yesterday and it was clear that the perfect weather of San Diego was no more.  It was hot and humid!  We did the San Antonio River Walk and remembered the Alamo.  We had Tex Mex for lunch (where I tried another local beer - go me!) even got some famous  San Antonio flavored ice.  Not a bad visit.  Oh yeah, and Texans sure are proud of their state flag because it is everywhere, lol.

* And today we are in Austin, which is just an hour away from San Antonio.  We checked out the night life on 6th Street last night and it is crazy!  There are so many bars - all with live music - packed into five blocks (and pop up pizza places because nothing beats a slice of pizza after a night of drinking <3) and we did some bar hopping.  It gets so crazy that they just end up closing the streets, lol.  Definitely a fun time!

* Today we got our free Texas-shaped waffles at our hotel and are getting ready to explore Austin.  I can't believe that tomorrow we begin week 4 of our road trip!

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