Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Texas

We are getting ready to leave Texas, and just like I considered dipping my feet in the Pacific Ocean was the unofficial half-way point on our trip, to me leaving Texas symbolizes that we are really on our way home, even though we still have six more days on the road.

* After leaving Carlsbad Caverns, I really want to get back into rock climbing again.  It really made me miss it.

* Even though it is sad that this journey is coming to an end, one thing I am looking forward to when we get back to New York is that it will almost be ready for pumpkin lattes and my favorite time of year - Fall =)

* In Austin we visited Zilker Gardens, ate at Hopdoddy Burger Bar which was so worth it, and toured the Texas State Capitol (which got me even more excited for Washington DC).  At dusk we checked out the largest urban bat colony in North America which live under the Congress Avenue Bridge aka Bat Bridge.  Supposedly between 750,000 - 1.5 million bats live there and come out at night, and although it kinda felt like we were waiting for Old Faithful once again, it was a pretty awesome sight and worth doing, especially since we didn't stay to see the Carlsbad bats come out at night.  Austin was a lot of fun and I would have loved to stay and explore more than we did.  Definitely made it into my top five favorite places on this road trip.

*   Yesterday we explored Dallas instead of Houston.  We were originally supposed to go from Austin to Houston to Memphis, but a bunch of people said Houston wasn't really anything special and in the end, going to Dallas instead is going to make today's drive much shorter.  Dallas was OK.  Unfortunately, after we explored the Historic District and where JFK got shot (there are actually Xs on the ground to show the exact locations) a lot of museums and things were closing (plus apparently a lot of restaurants and businesses are closed on Mondays), so it wasn't that exciting.  We did eat BBQ at Lockhart Smokehouse, which was delicious and made friends with our bartender when we went out for beers near out hotel afterwards.

Till next time...

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