Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quick updates as we head to the West Coast...

I haven't really had time to do a long post  but I didn't wanna go too long between posts so here are some quick updates/ observations, hopefully to be elaborated on later...

* There is so much land in this country!  It is mind-blowing!

* Hill City, South Dakota kinda reminded me of upstate New York.

* Mount Rushmore was awesome.  As we were driving there, we were wondering if we were gonna see it before we got to the museum and sure enough as we were driving we look to the right and there it was.  I really enjoyed Mt. Rushmore and he Crazy Horse Memorial.  I love the history and the just the sheer idea that human beings made this in a mountain!  Awesome experience.

*  As we left South Dakota we hit some nasty rain in Wyoming.  It was crazy be a use there was just so much land and we could see the clear sky and where the clouds were.  Bill was excited to see lightning and of course I was praying to not drive into a tornado, lol.  Luckily we survived and made it to Cody, Wyoming in one piece.  

I have more updates, but typing this on my iPhone as we drive on Route 90 is getting annoying, so they'll have to wait.  Till next time...

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