Thursday, August 1, 2013

Minneapolis and Iowa

I wanted to write a quick post before we get breakfast and head out to explore Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument today...

Tuesday night we explored downtown Minneapolis and hung out in the Mall of America for a bit and saw Target Field and I enjoyed some cider at two local bars (see Foursquare for details).  The Mall of America at first seems like just another mall a la Roosevelt Field or Queens Center except for one tiny detail... in the center of the mall is Nickelodeon Universe with over 25 rides and attractions.  In the Mall!  So of course Bill had a field day riding around, while I enjoyed taking pictures of him and playing with the features of my Nikon 5100.  After the Mall of America, we explored downtown Minneapolis and I must say it is a big city like New York with one big difference, at night, it is a ghost town.  Granted it was after 10pm on a Tuesday night, but still, it was kinda eerie walking around all the buildings and being the only people for blocks.  Oh and also, we noticed there were lots and lots of Target signs all over and later found out that Target was founded in Minneapolis so, fun little fact.

Yesterday, we left Minnesota and headed for South Dakota.  We briefly ventured into Iowa so that we could take a pic by the welcome sign and were surrounded by lots and lots of corn.  The weather was gorgeous, and here we were between these massive corn fields and it was just so quiet!  Aside from the random car or truck that would pass by infrequently, it was silent.  Very surreal.

Bill just got out of the shower, so I'm gonna end it here so we can get going.  Till next time...

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