Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our last weekend traveling

Here we are in Charleston, West Virginia.  We drove through the rest of Tennessee and all of Kentucky yesterday.  While we were in Kentucky, we stopped at the Buffalo Trace Distillery for a tour and a bourbon tasting (yes, this was Bill's stop, lol)  It was actually kinda nice.  The grounds are gorgeous and I was definitely getting tipsy off the smell of "college" in the air, lol.  We had our tasting and our mini tour from Art, our bourbon expert, who was awesome.  He changed my world and introduced me to the deliciousness that is Bourbon Cream and Root Beer <3

Last night we explored Charleston, which is a cute little town (and another state capitol).  We ate at the Charleston Brewing Company, where I enjoyed a couple of cold Moonbeams (their Summer brew).  Our hotel is right on the water, which is kinda nice.  We might do some more exploring today and then it's off to Washington, which is our last major stop before New York.  I can't believe that this is all really coming to an end.  I mean, it's gonna be nice not living in hotels, but this has been such an incredible journey, I can't imagine not waking up in a new town every day.

Till next time!      

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